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New Caterpillar Reman turbo cartridge 10R-0434 (10R0434, 203-2155, 2032155, 148-8171, 148817, 126-0907, 10R-7028, 0R7028)


Prix régulier €2.800,00

Caterpillar Reman turbo cartridge part nr. 10R-0434

Unused, in unopened original Caterpillar Reman carton box.

The price includes Euro 500,00 refundable core charge. Refund conditions available on request.

After core refund, the net price per turbo cartridge would be: Euro 2300,00


New part nr.: 203-2155

Old part nrs.: 148-8171, 126-0907

Old Cat Reman part nrs.: 0R-7028


For use with: Caterpillar 3500 family engines