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Used Caterpillar air starter 4W-5108 / Ingersoll Rand SS815RA (4W5108, 7C3372, 7C-3372, SS800RA, 5N-8773, 4W-5107, 0R-9851, 10R-1833)


Normale prijs €3.500,00

Used Caterpillar air starting motor 4W-5108

Equivalent to Ingersoll-Rand part nrs. SS815RA, SS800RA

Alternative Caterpillar part nrs.: 5N-8773, 4W-5107, 7C-3372, 0R-9851, 5N-7898, 5N-8773, 5N-8775, 5N-8788, 5N-8789, 6N-2427, 8N-8418, 8N-8473, 2W-5511, 4W-5101, 4W-5103, 4W-5105, 4W-5106, 4W-5108, 4W-5732, 4W-6633, 137-8397, 143-5168.

Caterpillar Reman part nrs.: 0R-9851, 10R-1833

Maximum 150 psi air pressure

Made in the U.S.A.

Removed from fire pump engine with very low running hours. In excellent working condition.