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New Caterpillar Reman cylinder head 20R-3545 (20R3545, 3805798, 3805795, 3760393, 3356220, 2901352, 10R8618, 10R7766, 20R0695, 20R-3543, 20R3543)


Normale prijs €2.350,00

Brand new genuine Caterpillar Reman cylinder head 20R-3545

New, unused, in unopened original Caterpillar Reman carton box.

The price includes Euro 750,00 refundable core charge. Refund conditions available on request.

Temporarily no Caterpillar Reman cylinder heads are available, but we can offer Caterpillar-Dealer Reman cylinder heads in its place, for the same price, conditions and warranty as Caterpillar Reman heads. Only genuine Caterpillar parts are used in the remanufacturing of these heads.


New part nr.: 380-5798, 380-5795, 376-0393, 335-6220, 317-2440, 290-1352

Old Caterpillar Reman part nrs.: 10R-8618, 10R-7766, 20R-0695

Alternative for 20R-3543


for use with Caterpillar 3500B engines