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Yellow Power 2000W Solar Generator with Lithium battery pack 220V, 12V and 5V USB outputs

Yellow Power International

Normale prijs €3.000,00

2000W Portable Generator Lithium Battery Pack Solar Generator including 2 foldable solar panels


230 VAC Schuko

12V DC cigarette lighter


Emergency Power Supply Backup for remote applications, powered and charged by sun power.

Included in the supply:

220 VAC charger 

MPPT solar charge controller

2 foldable photovoltaic panels of 200 W each (400 W total)


Battery pack information:

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Max Output:2600 W

Rated Output: 1300 W

Battery Capacity: 48 V / 40 Ah

Frequency:50 Hz 

Output Voltage: 220 V

Charging Time: 8 hrs

Gross Weight: 20 kg

Dimensions: 413 x 311 x 166 mm


Solar panels information:

Rated power: 400 W total (2 panels of 200 W each Folding Solar Panel)

Maximum output Voltage current: 18 V

Easy to carry, folding design, similar to a laptop bag

Dimensions each panel unfolded : 1490 x 820 x 45 mm

Dimensions each panel folded : 410 x 360 x 65 mm

Gross Weight: 8.5 kg